Sedgwick Kenya Insurance Brokers is your one-stop shop for all your insurance needs. We are at the forefront in providing custom insurance solutions for customers with diverse corporate and individual needs. Our portfolio of products includes the following:

Brokerage Services For Insured Medical Business


INPATIENT: General medical treatment that requires attention under admission

  • Hospital bed entitlement (per category if applicable)
  • Chronic and pre-existing conditions
  • Congenital/prematurity
  • Non accidental; optical and dental\Psychiatry/psychotherapy
  • Post hospitalization

MATERNITY: Normal delivery and Caesarean (and any pregnancy related conditions)

OUTPATIENT: General medical treatment (consultation, radiology, laboratory, pharmacy).

  • Outpatient chronic, pre-existing and congenital conditions
  • Antenatal and Post-natal care
  • Annual health check ups
  • Evacuation services

DENTAL COVER: Caters for consultation, extractions, filings, root canals, etc.

OPTICAL COVER: Caters for frames, lenses, ophthalmological checks, etc.

Fund Administration

The Scheme is tailored to cater/ suit our client’s medical needs. A deposit is placed with us to facilitate payment of medical claims.

Hybrid Plan

The hybrid plan is where both the insured and fund management come into play in the client’s medical cover plan.


** Please note that all covers are issued subject to policy terms and conditions**


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